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Escorts in Bogota is a website that allows independent escorts as well as agencies to post profiles with photos and videos making it easier than ever for potential clients to find the escort of their dreams.

Currently Free

Since the website has just been launched all services & features are free to independent escorts, agencies and users. Our goal is to have a place specifically for people looking for escorts in Bogota, Colombia. There are so many websites, some worldwide and some that the profiles are questionable at best giving little creditability and comfort to the person searching for a quality local escort.

Total Control & No Fees

We do not want or need any portion of your escort fees nor do we have anything to do with booking your clients. We simply provide a platform making it easy and cost effective to reach your postrenal clients here in Bogota, Colombia. Why you may ask? Because we are passionate about helping escorts find good quality clients that will allow them to work safe & have fun doing it. We may monetize later with some advertising but since we have only 2 or 3 girls we support it is in our best interest to create a free platform that gets found in search engines allowing us to successfully market whomever we choose in the future successfully.

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