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Halloween 2020

Why I Want to Be an Escort Right After Getting Married

I have always been a very conservative girl, only having sex if I am in a long term relationship. Never in my life have I just picked up a guy while out dancing in a club. I’ve had fun, partied and did some sexy dancing and kissing but that is as far as it has gone.

After getting married to an amazing older man who has explored and experiences a lot in his life, he has encouraged me to have the support & security of our relationship to still explore some experiences I have never had.

Generally I tell him no, I am not like that, I do not want to explore things. But, after some thinking and the reality of being married kicked in, I thought why not. If he supports me exploring some things in life than why not. Then I told him I would like to try being an upscale escort. His eyes popped out of his head with disbelieve. He never thought this shy, not to freaky girl would want to be an escort.

My thinking really is I do not want to fall in love, I do not want a boyfriend to worry about, but I do want to explore my sexuality and enjoy being & feeling sexy to other men. So being an escort is perfect, I make some extra cash and I only choose to meet with men I get to know a little about and see photos of first to make sure I am attracted to them. So I am not an except all requests type of escort.

Being an Escort in Bogota

There are 9 million people here in Bogota and being a upscale escort should provide me with all the exploration I desire. The last thing I want when I get old is to have only been with 5 men sexually in my whole life. Not to mention when I get older I wont look as good as I do now and being sexy wont be as fun as it can be now, so why not.

Riding older mans white cock

How to Book a Time with Me

This will not be a typical get an escort experience for you! You will need to put in a little more evert than that, sorry! Here is the steps you need to take in order for me to consider meeting up with you. I gladly accept requests for sex, companionship, date night, special events & accompany you for whatever you may need. Even a day out exploring Bogota if your not from here. I especially enjoy the company of Gringos and I speak good English.

  1. Email me or PM me on my Twitter – realsofiagomez@gmail.com be sure to include where your from, what you do for work and some photos to include your face, body and cock!
  2. Once I receive your message I will respond if I am interested requesting a time for us to have a video chat. This is to see if we both have some kind of a connection with each other.
  3. Once we both approve of meeting we will set a day, time and location to meet. Within the first few minutes of meeting please do your part with the agreement and pay the 1,000,000 pesos without me having to ask, this will set the tone for our entire experience together.
  4. Most importantly, understand that I do this for the pleasure of it, and I do not meet every person who requests it. Give me the respect I deserve by treating me like a lady. When I am treated well and with respect, my sexual beast inside turns on, which I promise you will enjoy.


  1. Do not do anal
  2. Do not have sex without a condom
  3. Do not do anything with piss lol
  4. Do not give my phone number or personal Whatsapp
  5. My husband likes to see me in action, so hopefully you will assist me in getting some video for him to enjoy

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